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During my first two years at ASU, the most common piece of advice from my mentors was to study abroad. Never expecting to have that opportunity, I said I’d look into it later, but I never really did. Yet, when I heard that W. P. Carey offered an international experience I could take part in during the summer, I knew it would be a great fit. Read on for a glimpse into my business study abroad experience in Prague.

After some deliberation, I decided to sign up, although I knew little to nothing about Prague or the Czech Republic. In the weeks leading up to the trip, I began to do a little research: about the government, past history, the people and their culture, the language, and most importantly the food. My bits of research was a good place to start, as it whet my appetite to learn more about the place I would spend a month in.

A few of my friends on the trip and I decided to arrive a few days early, giving us the opportunity to explore Prague and become acquainted with the city before the program started the following week. This was when I fell in love with Prague (although that love was for the touristy areas I experienced the first few days). Over the course of the month, this love evolved to all of Prague once i realized there was much more to the city than what met the eye.

I could write for days and days about where I went or what I learned while on this trip. Yet, as I enter my final week in Prague, I can only wish to learn and experience a little more. These weeks in the Czech Republic have flown by. I’ve met hundreds of new people, all with different experiences, who I could have never met if I had not traveled.

Along with that, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from business professors at the Prague School of Economics for my International Business course, bringing a global perspective to a class while I’m outside of the United States. But, with so much fun and so much learning, time flies bye, and the month in Prague nears its end. I am thankful that I’ve had this great opportunity, and I hope I can return sometime soon to Europe and Prague as well to continue this quest for a global perspective, while having some great fun too!

So, my last bit of advice is to those not currently considering going abroad or on the fence about it: study abroad! and you will not regret it. You will learn about yourself and about the world. You will see that people from totally different backgrounds and cultures are so similar to you. You can become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Even if it is only a month or an entire year, make sure you find the opportunities to study abroad, and you will then understand why studying abroad is an important part of your journey at ASU and at the W. P. Carey School of Business. Learn more about studying abroad as a business student at Arizona State University.

Bennett Dwosh

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