Making big data smart data

Consumers and companies generate more data than ever. In fact, around 90 percent of the world’s data has been produced in the last few years. As a result, there’s a rush for organizations to have that information on hand to drive performance. But having access to that data isn't enough. The real problem here, as All Things D points out, is that “Nobody wants to use the data.”

The reality is that using data is much harder than accessing it in the first place. In the past, it was easy to avoid using data because there was hardly any available, and finding more seemed like the obvious priority. Faced with a surplus rather than a shortage, many companies have been (unsurprisingly) slow to respond.The learning curve boils down to one, nagging question: Now that we have tons of data to work with, what exactly do we do with it?

Getting from big data to smart data

That's where we come in.The 9-month W. P. Carey Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS-BA) program and the 16-month Online MS-BA will prepare you to derive value from data, lead data-driven analyses, and create a business advantage across markets and industries. Delivered by the highly ranked Departments of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, the MS-BA addresses analytics-driven innovation and new data-driven solutions.

The MS-BA offers online and on-campus instruction from world-renowned faculty who consult with international companies, so you’ll learn what businesses need and tackle real-world challenges. And with small classes and team-based learning, you’ll unlock powerful communication and collaboration skills to take your career to the next level. As the volume of data we're faced with continues to increase, the ability to effectively use data and make more informed business decisions is more powerful and necessary than ever before.

Find out why the W. P. Carey School was an early adopter of the business analytics master's, and how that can benefit your career:

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