10 double major combinations that are worth the additional time and effort

One of the perks of being at W. P. Carey is the business core that every major, from finance to public policy, shares. In fact, the only difference between most majors is a total of six courses, which, with proper planning can be finished on time or even early. Explore the top ten business degree combinations pursued by business students at ASU.

One of the perks of learning at the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU is the business core that every major, from finance to public policy, shares. In fact, the only difference between most majors is a total of six courses, which, with proper planning can be finished on time or even early. In no specific order, the top ten undergraduate double-major combinations at W. P. Carey are delineated below — learn more about undergraduate business programs at Arizona State University.

1. Computer Information Systems & Accounting

These two subjects intersect so often that many schools combine them into one major: accounting information systems. The days of bookkeeping for accountants are numbered; the drastic and rapid diffusion of technology has revolutionized accounting, as it has with every industry. This dual major will make you competitive for a career in IT auditing, which has many openings in both the public and private sectors, as well as for consulting. This major is powerful enough to get you the positions in the IT or accounting department, which should double or even triple the jobs you are qualified for.

2. Computer Information Systems & Supply Chain Management

These subjects also intersect in the same way, and could be arguably the best combination in the current job market. Logistics and IT are always evolving and becoming more intricate across every industry, from defense companies like General Dynamics to semiconductors like Intel or Qualcomm. Supply chain positions are open because the subject has yet to emerge in the majority of business schools. The good news from that is, ASU has one of the best supply chain management programs and is ahead of the pack. These majors will set you up nicely if you see yourself working in the technology, operations, or manufacturing side of business.

3. Computer Information Systems & Marketing

Hopefully you’re sensing a pattern here, and as much as it may seem biased of me to place computer information systems in three different combinations, that doesn’t detract from the fact that CIS is, for the time being, a well-performing industry. Marketing gives you the people side, from facilitating customer service to understanding consumer behavior, and CIS gives you the technical side, from how the systems work and how they can be made more efficient for consumers. Creating a bridge between consumers and technology may be the winning formula to getting on the Forbes 400.

4. Economics & Supply Chain Management

Economics is the study of the scarcity of goods, and supply chain management is the study of the flow of goods, from its initial stages as raw material to the finished product. Not only will you be able to comprehend both, but you will be able to specialize in the parallels of economics and logistics, which should give you plentiful chances to work your way up in the procurement or operations management division of any company.

5. Economics & Finance

This major is primed for the future of Wall Street. Economics is the "mother" of finance, and it’s no secret that an understanding of financial markets from both a qualitative and quantitative side should give you an edge in outperforming indexes or working in hedge funds or investment banking. Tack on a couple of math classes and a course in econometrics and you’re ready to grab the bull market by the horns.

6. Economics & Statistics

Statistics is becoming more important in commerce, and the further you immerse yourself with the subject of economics, the more quantitative knowledge you need to keep up. With one or two programming courses, this major should set you apart and ease you into a quantitative role in financial engineering or computational finance.

7. Economics & Global Politics

This double major is solid for those who want to work in a research setting and/or who enjoy macroeconomics. It also can give you the reading and writing skills needed to remain competitive for law school or graduate programs in political science, international relations, or economics.

8. Accounting & Law

Want to be like Louis Litt from the hit show Suits? This major may help. Accounting is akin to law in many aspects. Financial compliance regulations have been piling up since Enron, and will continue to do so for the future. This would be ideal for any who wishes to sit for the CPA and attend law school, either through a concurrent JD/MBA program or simply having a CPA and JD after your name. Tax law is a growing sector, likely to keep growing and changing in the future.

9. Accounting & Finance

Some may say you should pick one and not the other, but accounting courses are necessary, especially if you eye a position in corporate finance. As stated before, accounting is akin to law, and finance is always seeing regulations, find those loopholes with your accounting degree and increase your NPV with that finance degree.

10. Marketing & Communication

See yourself working in public relations or social media? These subjects overlap so much that most job postings will include "marketing and communications" in the title itself. This would be useful for someone who sees themselves working in that stressful, but special, PR role.

Choosing an additional major can be beneficial, whether the subjects intersect or if they are drastically different, versatility is vital. It tells employers that you are able to take on an additional work load and have expertise in more than one business function.

Given recent employment trends, these business degree combinations ensure a wide net of opportunities in lucrative industries. And they include only a few of the undergraduate business degree programs available to ASU business majors. Explore 30+ business degrees, plus many other ways to pursue your passion at the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU.

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