Capitalizing on growth in global logistics

Look around the room. What kind of stuff do you have? Maybe a couch, some magazines, a fan, beaded throw pillows. You may have inherited some of it, gone to a nearby store, or placed an online order from halfway around the world. But where did your stuff come from? How did it get from Point A to Point You?

Logistics moves the world

“Logistics is the reason ‘stuff’ is on shelves, so you can get it when you want it,” says Arnold Maltz, an associate professor of supply chain management at Arizona State University's W. P. Carey School of Business. Global logistics plays a huge role in ensuring the supply chain runs smoothly. A role so huge that the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 26 percent increase in logistics jobs by 2020, and a 29 percent rise in the need for freight agents by the end of the decade.

Regardless of what is being supplied, global logistics is critical to business success. So there’s ongoing demand for global logistics expertise, and plenty of room for career growth.

A master's degree to meet the demand

The jobs are there. And there will only be more of them to fill as the world goes more global. The W. P. Carey School created the Master of Science in Global Logistics (MS-GL) so you can tap into an emerging field with a bright economic outlook. Taught by faculty from the highly regarded Department of Supply Chain Management, you’ll become a logistics whiz, learn to generate revenue by creating efficiency, and be prepared to play a vital role in the global economy. And because logistics touches all parts of the supply chain, you’ll have the skills and flexibility to pursue careers in a variety of areas: customer service, transportation, operations, purchasing, warehousing, materials handling, strategy, inventory controls, forecasting, and more.

Get connected

That’s an opportunity worth seizing — and the W. P. Carey Logistics Alliance only sweetens the deal. With participation from over 30 major companies and distribution centers in the greater Phoenix area, the W. P. Carey Logistics Alliance connects you with immediate internships and job opportunities, as well as savvy logistics professionals with decades of real-world experience.

Savvy logistics professionals like Rick Dircks, executive vice president of Dircks Moving & Logistics. For Dircks, the W. P. Carey MS-GL offers huge value, and he’s excited to engage with new students in the program. “Logistics is so much more than moving something from Point A to Point B,” Dircks says.

“You have to do it faster and cheaper to cut costs in the supply chain. What these ASU students are going to learn is how to make a warehouse more efficient, to make the whole process more efficient by ringing out costs and getting products to the customer quicker.”

Take the first step

The W. P. Carey MS-GL delivers long-term success from Point A to Point You. Learn more about the career opportunities and industry connections you can unlock with the W. P. Carey School of Business.

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