Stand out with a specialized master's degree

While we used to view the undergraduate degree as a career guarantee, most professions now use it as a minimum standard for employment. Yet with many industries seeking graduate degree holders for even entry-level positions, going to grad school seems like the obvious (and common) next step.

How can you stay ahead, when everyone seems to have a similar game plan? 

The key — according to Forbes — is specialization. Increasingly, what are known as "specialized master’s degree" have become a nexus for higher ed, industry, and the rising professional:

The current trend among students, employers, and business schools is to prefer highly specialized master’s programs such as the MS in Finance or Supply Chain Management that create specialists with technical acumen rather than generalists.

ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business has responded to the market with a number of specialized master’s degrees:

In as little as nine months, you can earn a master's degree from a top-ranked business school and put your career in overdrive, whether you're looking to enhance current skills or make a career change. W. P. Carey offers flexible online options for many of our degree programs.

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