Go abroad. Get lost. Return like a boss.

It happens to the best of us. Streets begin to look more or less alike and even with the aid of a map, you are lost. You swear up and down that the best gelato cafe would be on THAT corner — otherwise why else did you fly all this way to Italy? Well yes, you came to study, work, intern but most importantly gelato!

Your professional development abroad starts the moment you get lost.

You are forced to assess your situation and adapt to find an alternative way to get where you need to go. You become resourceful, asking others around you about cross streets, researching transportation options, or simply using Google to recheck the address. You communicate with others in a foreign language, improving your oral and listening skills. Finally, you problem solve to get to your destination and order a well-deserved scoop of Stracciatella. Life is good and you reflect on your progress of international understanding via the hoops of fire you had to jump through to get here.

Getting lost is just one of the many inevitable ways to develop these highly marketable skills abroad.

In addition to courses or work, be proactive, join clubs, participate in mentor programs, attend mixers — the point is get out of your comfort zone and find activities that continue to add to your professional growth. Employers look for well-rounded, globally minded individuals with a deep understanding of adaptability, resourcefulness, communication skills, and problem solving. Once you get over the initial stress of the unfamiliar, you will gain confidence and continue to thrive in future professional situations like a boss.

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