Evening MBA: A top-ranked MBA on your schedule

One of the things people look forward to when they graduate college is finally being done with classes and being able to join the workforce. But before long, many people realize that they just can’t get where they want to go in their career on a bachelor’s degree alone. Because of its broad applicability and reputation for demanding a higher salary, the MBA is a popular choice for mid-career professionals looking to further develop their skills and help them become better leaders.

Of course, wanting an MBA and being able to earn one while still juggling a career are two separate things. Returning to school — even two nights a week — is easier said than done. That’s why the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU has created the part-time Evening MBA with flexibility and convenience in mind. With work obligations, family obligations, and a personal life, we understand that getting an MBA is a big commitment.

An MBA that’s focused on flexibility

The part-time Evening MBA is focused on flexibility. What if you had more time to complete your MBA, say three years instead of two, or even four years? What if you knew that one semester making it to campus would be really challenging? The W. P. Carey School has implemented feedback from alumni and current students to improve the part-time format and make earning your MBA more convenient than ever before.

Already the highest-ranked part-time MBA in Arizona, according to U.S. News & World Report, the Evening MBA lets you choose the path that best fits your schedule, whether that’s a two-year degree or if you take courses for four years, and whether you meet face-to-face or online, subject to online course availability.

Balance it all

With more time to earn your MBA and more ways to do it, you have total control of your schedule, letting you balance your life as you need to. If you have more time to spend on coursework one semester, you can take more classes. If you know you won’t have lots of time, you can scale back. And the same goes for individual courses — choose the combination of on-campus and online classes that work best for you.

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