Put a part-time MBA to work for you

The MBA remains one of the best decisions you can make for your career. According to the 2016 GMAC Corporate Recruiter Survey, the demand for employees and job candidates with an MBA is the highest it’s been in a decade. Likewise, the 2017 GMAC Alumni Perspectives Survey revealed that 93 percent of MBA and business master’s degree students found their degree personally rewarding, and 91 percent indicated that it was professionally rewarding. That all adds up to two great outcomes. In the same alumni survey, 52 percent indicated they were able to find work in another industry than they had ever worked in before, and 88 percent indicated they were satisfied with their job and their employer.

An MBA for where you want to go

Whether you're looking to one day enter a new field or need to deepen your skills for your current role, discipline, or employer, the W. P. Carey Professional Flex MBA is the highest-ranked MBA in Arizona, allowing you to tailor your MBA to your career and your life. Designed for busy working professionals, the flexible part-time program delivers a combination of on-campus and online classes and a curriculum you can complete in two, three, or four years. Most students pursue an MBA for two reasons:

  1. They want to advance their career and earn more money
  2. They see a gap in their current skillset and want to improve on those weaknesses

The Professional Flex MBA stands apart from many part-time MBA programs that offer a core business curriculum with very little specialization. With more than 40 electives, technical certificates, and concurrent degrees that you can add to your degree, your MBA can align with your strengths, unlock areas of opportunity, and help you pursue your passion.

ROI, not IOU

The return on investment of a graduate degree in business can’t be overlooked, either. Business school alumni can expect to make $2.5 million over their careers, on average, compared to $2 million for workers without a master’s degree. An MBA is more than just a foot in the door; it signals future employers or your present company that you have well-rounded business knowledge, that you know what it means to lead, and that you can carry the load. That’s why so many alumni sing the praises of their MBA.

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