3 ways to make your summer productive

As college students, we all deserve some time off to relax and refresh ourselves for a new academic year; however, that shouldn’t be an excuse to do nothing. Relaxing while also being productive is the key to a successful summer. Here are three easy, fun, and smart ways to make your summer productive.

1. Create/update your LinkedIn account

As a business student, LinkedIn is an important social media site for you to utilize. LinkedIn is a great way to showcase yourself to employers, build your network, and learn more about companies or industries that you are interested in. If you haven’t made a LinkedIn account already, create one. If you are already on LinkedIn, make sure your profile is updated and proofread to perfection. LinkedIn is a more formal social media platform, so make sure to be really patient and take the time to make it right. Also, make sure to “connect” with your fellow colleagues, peers, and anyone else you know to build your network.

2. Update your resume and research prospective companies

Every academic year you should update your resume to include your most recent cumulative GPA and any new student organization roles, internships, or other work experiences. Summer is a great time to get this done since the career fairs at ASU start early in the fall semester, and you want to make sure you are prepared. Take time to perfect your resume, researching prospective companies to ensure it reflects the skills and experiences required to land your dream job (or internship!).

3. Learn a new skill or read a book

Another way to have a relaxing yet productive summer, is to learn a new skill or read a book. Gaining new skills is always a smart idea to make yourself a more competitive candidate and reading a book can help you gain new insights and perspectives. Some ideas for new skills to learn are how to speak/read a new language (maybe even a programming language such as Java, C#, or Python), play an instrument, or improve your typing skills. It can also be beneficial to read a book since there are a lot of recommended books for future business professionals.

Maddie Hayes

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