Giving back moves us forward

A scholarship fund honoring the late Robert K. Wexler (BS Accountancy '84) will take a W. P. Carey student all the way to Prague this year, thanks to the generosity of Robert’s fraternity brothers.

Honoring a brother and friend

Jeff Barnes and Brian Amster joined Robert’s sister Beth Wexler in presenting a $2,500 scholarship check, on behalf of Mike Rosenthal (BS Economics '82, MBA '84) and other Sigma Nu alumni involved in the fundraiser. "Robert would've been there raising the money with us if he were here," Amster says. "It’s wonderful being able to make an impact, especially in honor of our brother and friend."

"He was a Sigma Nu with us, back when this was ASU's College of Business," Barnes says. "We could've given the money to anyone else, but it wouldn't have meant as much."

Barnes, Amster, Rosenthal, and fellow Sigma Nu alums contributed a few dollars here and there, until it grew into something much bigger. "Everyone's $10 can add up to something huge," Amster says. "And with this kind of gift, we know exactly where the benefit is going."

"Your generosity creates opportunity. I witness the power of alumni giving every single day."

Lauren Schult (BS Marketing '11)

Development Officer, W. P. Carey School of Business

Supporting student success

Established by the Wexler family in 1999, the Robert K. Wexler Memorial Scholarship Fund provides support for one or more students in the accounting, finance, or international business programs at ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business.

"My brother funded all of his college education," Beth Wexler says. "We wanted to connect with business students in need of the assistance, and give them a chance to enjoy the same well-rounded ASU experience that Robert worked so hard to create for himself."

The check presentation was especially meaningful to student recipient Caitlyn Hendricks-Costello, who will use the funds to study abroad in Prague. "ASU has the opportunity for students to study abroad, and I wanted to take advantage of it," she says. "I have a single mom, so it's not easy for her. She wants to make sure school is my priority."

"Being able to get this scholarship and take some of the weight off her shoulders means the absolute world to me," Caitlyn adds. "Sharing this gift with her has been a blessing, for which I will always be grateful."

Creating a brighter future, together

"This story is a great example of what others can do," says Lauren Schult (BS Marketing '11), a fellow W. P. Carey alum who now serves the school as a development officer. "For our students, that means greater access to significant personal and professional growth experiences. Many of these opportunities were made possible by alumni contributions, and reach more students every year for the exact same reason."

"Your generosity creates opportunity," she adds. "I witness the power of alumni giving every single day."

Endowed scholarships like the Robert K. Wexler Memorial Scholarship Fund give students of all backgrounds the opportunity to discover their talents and dreams in an academic environment that promotes noteworthy achievement. See how your contributions can help build the future of business.

By Hannah O'Regan

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