Alumni Profile: From an MBA to Mattel

Since 2015, Akanksha Mohla has worked for Mattel, in the global sales, inventory, and operations planning unit. Based in Los Angeles, Akanksha's current role is a long way from her life in Mumbai, her home prior to coming to the W. P. Carey School of Business for graduate school.

A tireless worker while in b-school, Akanksha entered the W. P. Carey in August 2013, and earned her MBA and a Master of Science in Information Systems Management at the same time less than two years later. In addition to preparing her for her dream job, Akansha believes her time at ASU has had a lasting impact on who she is.

Discovering yourself

"The value of education — sometimes it takes a little longer to realize it. But definitely anything that you learn never goes to waste," she says. "My experience at W. P. Carey taught me that there's no excellence without labor. It taught me to think in a structured format."

She adds, "Not only did I learn about certain theories and concepts of different fields, like supply chain, which I had no experience in prior to coming to the U.S., but it also gave me the opportunity to meet with so many people who are far more intelligent, far more talented, but were always willing to share their knowledge with me."

In this video, Akanksha reveals some of her key takeaways from her time at the W. P. Carey School:

Putting knowledge to work

In her current role, Akanksha works with different units across Mattel to deliver new products to store shelves in connection with blockbuster movie releases. She notes the many challenges associated with changes and expectations brought on by the pandemic of 2020, and how learning to deal with ambiguity and becoming more assured in her skills while at W. P. Carey has allowed her to keep her team's work headed in the right direction.

"(My degrees) helped me build my self-confidence, helped me hold my own," she says. "Coming from another country, it was a dream to come to the United States and make something of my life here."

Looking back, Akanksha can't picture her own success without the skills, expertise, and leadership development she gained at ASU. "I'm truly grateful," Akanksha explains. "I think getting your degree really sets up with a platform from which you can truly take off. And the sky's the limit!"

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