Daring to lead in 2021 and beyond

The W. P. Carey Alumni Book Club loved reading Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™, which encourages us to rumble with vulnerability, live into our values, brave trust, and learn to rise — all lessons relevant to the increasingly uncertain times we now navigate together. Here, ASU staff, alumni, and friends share their perspectives on daring leadership in 2021 and beyond.

Jennifer Mareiro

Jennifer Mareiro

Jennifer Mareiro, assistant director of human resources at W. P. Carey, participated in ASU’s Dare to Lead™ training in January 2020. “It was one of the greatest privileges and challenges of my career.”

Through her experience at W. P. Carey, and organizations such as ExxonMobil, Scottsdale Healthcare, and Mayo Clinic, Jennifer has focused on recruitment, benefits, compensation, training and development, employee relations, and policy and procedures. Mareiro’s professional experience and experience in ASU’s Dare to Lead™ training continue to shape her approach to her role at the business school.

Dare to Lead™ was very dynamic in creating awareness and practical application to transform any individual into a grounded leader with the courage to stand up to the challenges they face,” Mareiro says. “I’ve learned that courage is listening, learning, unlearning, knowing when to lead, and knowing when to let others lead.”

Uncertainty was all around us (amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic) in 2020, and it continues in 2021. Jennifer recognizes this and understands that the arena leaders are stepping into is always changing, often stressful, and full of twists and turns that can throw leaders off their guard. “Leaders need to know that being in today’s arena means you will not always get it right. Be in touch with your response and be vulnerable enough to stay curious, ask the difficult questions, and admit when you don’t always have the answers. Practice empathy, connection, and courage in all of your interactions, and you will be OK despite the uncertainty.”

Pamela Brooks

Pamela Brooks

Pamela Brooks who has run the Mastering Leadership program at ASU, is a senior leadership consultant and certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator. Pam facilitated Mareiro’s training in January 2020, along with 230 leaders who became Dare to Lead™-certified.

Brooks believes that ASU’s Dare to Lead™ training was very positive. “My biggest takeaway from the training was the number of leaders at ASU who were eager to find ways to be more courageous and take an active part in having the difficult conversations needed to create a culture centered around trust in their respective departments. I know there are many leaders still eager to get trained.”

Pam was inspired by Brown because of her work on vulnerability and shame but fell in love with her work on leadership. “When I heard Brené would be training facilitators for her Dare to Lead™ program, I could only hope I would be selected, as the selection process was difficult to get through,” Brooks says. “Brené has a strong desire to ensure the integrity of her program. It was a bucket-list experience to meet and be trained by Brené last June.”

Daring to Lead Group

“The demand for the class was so great that the class closed in less than 30 minutes, and over 100 people were on the waiting list,” Brooks says. Brooks’s favorite part about being involved with ASU’s Dare to Lead™ training is helping people face their fears and ignite their passion for making a difference. “There are so many friendships forged at the workshops; many people who met at the session stay connected even after they are long over.”

Sandra Long

Sandra Long

Sandra Long a W. P. Carey alumna, received her bachelor’s in business with an emphasis in human resources. For the last 15 years, she has run her consulting firm in leadership development.

Certified as a Dare to Lead™ facilitator for the past year, Long has had the opportunity to connect with people on a profound level. “I’m honored to be able to participate in important work and acknowledge how necessary it is that people are willing to do the work and be vulnerable — especially in an era with social media that showcase the best parts of life.”

Long acknowledges the need for fearless leadership moving into the future. “We need people to step up and lean into courage. It’s about learning and jumping into the arena of life. I have failed and learned. Ultimately, leadership is teachable.”

Patrina Yang

Patrina Yang

Patrina Yang director of graduate admission operations at W. P. Carey, has also been inspired by her experience in ASU’s Dare to Lead training. Yang hopes to implement what she has learned in her role at the school. She stresses the importance of how “clear is kind” in day-to-day interactions.

Yang believes that being a daring leader today is more important than ever. “Despite knowing that there are difficult times with uncertainty ahead, we can choose to create safe, honest spaces for others to be vulnerable so we can help each other rise above our fears. By doing this, we can rise together,” she says.

Madeline Sargent

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