Double Devil emphasizes the impact of faculty and connections in the Full-time MBA program

Alex Altman, who graduated from W. P. Carey last year before starting his Full-time MBA in the fall, shares his unique perspective on the faculty and foundations that the Full-time MBA program at Arizona State University offers.

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A Full-time MBA student and Double Devil, Alex Altman (BA Sports Business ’22) chose to continue his education at W. P. Carey because of his experience in the undergraduate program. He credits the impact of W. P. Carey faculty and programs for influencing his choice.

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"Throughout my four years at ASU, I formed meaningful connections with professors that have continued to develop during my first year in the MBA program," Altman says. "After completing my first two years of undergrad, I knew I wanted to pursue a Full-time MBA at ASU. The W. P. Carey School is known for many of their concentrations such as supply chain, business analytics, and marketing. In just a few analytics classes, students are able to become proficient in the platforms that companies have stated are the most valuable to their employees."

"The expertise of all professors throughout the program was a key reason I chose to pursue a full-time MBA at ASU," he adds. W. P. Carey news interviewed Altman to hear more about his experiences with the faculty in the Full-time MBA program, as well as his unique takeaways as a Double Devil student.

Question: What does being a part of the W. P. Carey community mean to you?

Answer: Being a part of the W. P. Carey community is extremely important to me. I take great pride in being a Double Devil. From moving to campus as a first-year business student to starting the MBA program, W. P. Carey has always provided me with every opportunity to succeed. I appreciate that the program has representation from throughout the U.S. and internationally as well — I hope to leave my mark for future students of all backgrounds to succeed.

One thing that W. P. Carey has shown me already is that you gain more than just knowledge throughout your time here. You make connections that will propel your success throughout your career.

Q: What about your education and experience has been meaningful so far?

A: While I highly value the education I am receiving at ASU, some of my most valuable experiences have come through networking opportunities. The Program Operations team and the MBAA Association have provided students with monthly opportunities to network, whether that be formal or informal situations. Although I have only been in the ASU MBA for just over eight months, I have already formed connections I am confident will last long beyond this program. Additionally, the Executive Connections program allowed me to meet my mentor, who has been extremely valuable to both my personal and professional growth.

Q: Many students come to ASU with a goal of changing society for the better. How do you feel W. P. Carey students create meaningful change in the community, on campus, and in their careers?

A: One of my favorite experiences during my first year in the program was attending Feed My Starving Children with my cohort. Our 62 people were able to provide enough food for over 80 children to eat for the year. Also, students have participated in other volunteer events such as food drives. But the impact of W. P. Carey students spans much further than just Arizona. You can see how ASU’s network creates change throughout the world on a daily basis, whether that change occurs in companies or in communities.

Q: How would you describe Arizona to someone who has not been here before? What do you appreciate about the environment or location?

A: While Arizona can be very warm throughout the summer, the weather throughout the school year is very enjoyable. ASU’s location provides students with opportunities to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking or golfing, too. There are also four professional sports teams playing just minutes from campus — the school often partners with these teams to allow students to attend games, which can also be a more relaxed setting for networking. No matter what your hobby or interests are, ASU has an opportunity for you.

Q: What advice would you give to a future student who is thinking about getting their MBA?

A: I highly suggest pursuing an MBA at W. P. Carey. Just over a year ago, I was a shy 22-year-old undergraduate student with the fear that ASU would not admit someone with limited experience into their program. The diversity is one of the many things that makes the program special. No matter your professional background, ASU’s MBA program is a worthwhile endeavor.

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