From New Delhi to Mesa, Arizona, from his father's garment import shop to a multibillion-dollar Wall Street hedge fund, the W. P. Carey alumnus has always moved easily between different worlds. The 42-year-old finds himself back on the Sun Devil 100 list for the second year running.

To help organizations turn potential year-end slackers into year-round performers, Professor of Accountancy Michal Matejka and Associate Professor of Accountancy Pablo Casas-Arce conducted new research that offers guidance on how to more effectively evaluate managers’ past performance and set targets that accurately predict their future performance.

Until now, there has been little information about how firms respond to hedge fund challenges and demands for change. A new paper by Associate Professor of Accounting Yinghua Li and her co-authors shows company managers don’t sit idly by when their performance is attacked. Instead, they tend to withhold bad news and manipulate earnings to make the company — and themselves — look better.

New research by Associate Professor of Accountancy Shawn Huang and co-authors shows that greater coverage puts pressure on company managers to manipulate quarterly earnings.

In a new report that echoes past findings, Associate Professor of Accountancy Roger White and his co-author observed that commission employees regularly pick better times to sell shares than everyone else in the market.