California's multibillion-dollar agriculture industry is in serious trouble due to the drought. And you'll be paying for it at the grocery store.

There are cities that cook barbecue, and there are barbecue cities. So which are the Best BBQ Cities in America?

To continue thriving amid competition from large manufacturers, craft chocolate makers must do a better job of setting quality standards and explaining the value of their higher-priced products to the public, says Alexis Villacis, assistant professor at the Morrison School of Agribusiness.

Experts say the pandemic is one of a number of factors behind the food supply shortage that's causing some restaurants to close their doors because they don't have enough of their main foods to serve guests.

People spent more money eating out than they did on buying food at a store in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic changed that, but the restaurant industry is not going to be fundamentally different post-pandemic, according to Timothy Richards, the Marvin and June Morrison Chair in Agribusiness. Hear why.