Researchers from the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture and Arizona State University have received a grant for $477,131 to examine consumer preferences for U.S. beef and to estimate beef import demand in select countries within Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Why have so many credit cards added food-delivery rewards (or emphasized that aspect of existing restaurant rewards) during 2020? Carola Grebitus, associate professor of food industry management, explains.

According to research by Professor of Agribusiness Timothy Richards, shoppers pay close attention to prices as they go up but tune out as prices fall.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen the food supply chain break down, and urban agriculture could be one solution. But what types of people are most likely to participate in urban farming? This is one of the questions Carola Grebitus, associate professor of food industry management at the Morrison School of Agribusiness, considered as the basis for a few research papers.

Professors assess the coronavirus' effect on the weakest link in the supply chain — inflexibility.