Professors assess the coronavirus' effect on the weakest link in the supply chain — inflexibility.

Is meat from a plant that has had cases of COVID-19 among workers safe to consume? Can you tell if meat you are purchasing comes from one of these affected plants?

Are you a label-reader, the kind of shopper who stands in a grocery aisle studying nutrition details and other product specifics of multiple items before you toss your choice in your cart? Carola Grebitus, an associate professor of food industry management, has found that personality is a big factor in how people make buying decisions.

Assistant Professor of Agribusiness Lauren Chenarides recalls when she and her family found themselves in a food desert and shares what it means and how the markets that sell inexpensive household goods affect these areas.

Tiffany Crandell puts her six kids and two grandchildren at the top of her list while she finishes up her degree at ASU's Morrison School of Agribusiness and works at Mars Wrigley Confectionery as a territory sales manager of 22 Arizona Walmart stores.