Agribusiness Professor David Van Fleet's research identifies different types of workplace violence in agribusiness and how companies can address them through human resource management strategies.

In an effort to understand the gluten-free phenomenon — which is generating more than $15 billion in sales annually — ASU Now spoke with three Arizona State University professors who have studied the diet.

New research by Assistant Professor of Agribusiness Carola Grebitus and her co-authors examines the purchasing behavior of energy drink consumers. The results show people are not always willing to pay more for their favorite brands.

When California was considering its restrictions on cages in 2008 and 2010, early research showed some consumers willing to pay a premium for the eggs that surpassed the extra cost to producers, says Timothy Richards, professor of agribusiness.

Research by Professor of Agribusiness Ashok Mishra examines whether Great Depression-era legislation continues to have a positive effect on contemporary farmers.