Alumni profile

Sun Devil 100 celebrates the achievements of ASU alumni who own or lead innovative businesses across the globe. W. P. Carey alums Carrie Dougher (BS Computer Information Systems ’15) and Jack Wight (BS Marketing ’15) were Top 5 honorees in the Class of 2018, giving official recognition to their elite status among ASU business leaders worldwide.

According to Greg Vogel (BS Real Estate '85), ASU and W. P. Carey meant everything to the early knowledge that led him to build his enterprise — one the day he graduated, and another just two years later. We caught up with him to discuss his civic involvement, business success, and everything in between.

Although the world of assets, liabilities, margins, and dividends can seem impersonal, there are real people making the money world go 'round. We asked two successful W. P. Carey alumni to trace their rise in the world of finance — including the ways in which ASU influenced their careers — and share their predictions for the future of money.

Graduating from Arizona State University with degrees in accounting isn't the only thing these siblings have in common. Both took a leap of faith and left their corporate careers to pursue a shared passion for health and beauty.

As public concern about sports-related head injuries mounts, two ASU graduates have developed a product that could help athletes and their coaches spot potential problems.