Alumni profile

Lindsey Waress earned the title of computer guru in her family. Any phone, computer, tablet, remote control — if it broke, the family brought it to her to fix. She took her knack for technology and combined it with business, a field she always knew she’d focus on in college, and received a computer information systems degree in May 2016.

Student-run consulting firm New Venture Group continues to help W. P. Carey students discover career paths while contributing substantially to the success of organizations.

As students prepare for graduation and trade in their backpacks and books for business cards, recent graduate Bridget Martin has a message for those students: your education is not over.

Taking a break from a successful career to go back to school and get a degree is a move many people don’t make. It was a tough choice for Benjamin Behrend but one that has paid off.

Using data collected about bikes stolen on campus, students in the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS-BA) program created a map for ASU Police showing where to patrol — on what days and what specific times — to prevent thefts.