Autumn 2018

What are cryptocurrencies? Is Bitcoin going to last? Get the lowdown from our experts.

Students in the Investment Banking Industry Scholars program intern and are employed by some of the most successful financial companies, giving them a leg up on soft skills and stepping stone to their career.

We spend much of our lives thinking about money. Do we have enough cash in our pocket to buy a snack? How do we fund a big idea? What's 'the number' for a comfortable retirement? Alumni and professors guide us with their financial principles on earning, investing, and spending.

Is it better to stand out or fit in? It's a critical question for businesses. Recent research by Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Heewon Chae shows how being different can be a competitive advantage.

In his latest research paper about futures contracts, Professor of Finance Hendrik Bessembinder tackles what he calls the 'roll yield myth.'