B-School Tips

Being admitted to a top-ranked MBA program isn’t only about your test scores and job history. After all, every strong MBA candidate will have those things in common to some extent. A major component — and a way to make a lasting impression — is establishing who you are, what you will bring to the MBA program, and what the MBA will help you achieve beyond graduation. In short: You have to build your brand.

The higher you score on your entrance exams, the more competitive your b-school application will be. While some programs accept both GRE and GMAT scores, this is not always the case. Here are some tips we’ve gathered from successful GMAT test takers, which are helpful to consider regardless of which exam you take.

Managers value employees who have career goals and the desire to acquire new skills, and many companies have education reimbursement programs. But before you discuss an MBA with your boss, it’s best to be prepared, do your research and understand the policies and procedures to secure support.