B-School Tips

American students and international students alike can visit the Global Education Center to learn other languages and about diverse cultures, play games, and build strong bonds and relationships with other ASU students.
There are more than 45 business clubs and organizations at the W. P. Carey School. After joining and becoming a part of two executive boards for different clubs, Maddie Hayes wants to ensure all W. P. Carey students understand the value of getting involved.
Senior year is the time to polish your brand and expand your network so people will get to know you, your brand, and ultimately the value you can provide an organization.
Having a great resume and cover letter is a great start in the pursuit of a job or internship. However, a cover letter and resume will only get you an interview with the company and not a job or internship offer. Interviewing can be a little scary, but if proper preparation can improve your chances of having a successful interview. Here are seven tips to help you succeed during your next interview.
Summer is the perfect time to add new experiences, skills, and knowledge to your resume.