B-School Tips

Career fairs are a valuable resource in your career development. Whether you are seeking a full-time job, an internship, or are looking to gain information about positions in your career field, each event offers another opportunity to learn about and prepare for the career path that fits you best.
Studying abroad offers distinct professional development opportunities to business students — particularly those who embrace the process, and dare to get lost along the way.
First impressions can make or break you, especially in a professional setting. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, then you must look the part — here are some tips on how to do exactly that, courtesy of W. P. Carey Career Services.

Advice to help college students ace upcoming job and internship interviews, brought to you by W. P. Carey Career Services.

So the career fair is approaching and you’ve narrowed down the list of companies you’re planning on talking to. You’ve done your research. Now you need to practice what you will say when you approach the recruiters at the career fair! This is your opportunity to convince the employers you have the skills and knowledge they are looking for in a job and/or internship candidate.