Big Data

The Bureau of Labor Statistics continues to cite high demand for data scientists across a variety of industries — and recent privacy concerns and the gig economy will only add to that demand.

New research by a team of information systems and supply chain experts from the W. P. Carey School of Business shows that adding business analytics to the supply chain toolbox can make the process of evaluating supply chains easier, faster and more targeted.

A new cohort of the Online MSIM starts next week with on-campus orientation, and students in the Evening MSIM will begin August 20. When the students graduate, they will find plentiful career opportunities.

eBay has been one of the biggest and longest lasting success stories of the early dot com era. And a big reason for eBay's success has been its effectiveness at collecting and using data. Michael Goul, chairman of the information systems department, finds that strategic use of data has enabled eBay to dramatically reduce transaction costs for users, enhance the experiences for both buyers and sellers, and save millions of dollars for the company.