Business across ASU

Based in Silicon Valley, the ASU-Draper Entrepreneurship Incubator program champions student visionaries with changemaking ideas. ASU student Connor Stephens says the experience took his ideas and talent to the next level. We caught up with him to discuss lessons learned and expectations for the future.

Theater has been a lifelong passion, but now that Maddie Hayes is studying business and pursuing her dream of becoming a successful businesswoman, she would like to share her reflection on what each discipline has taught her about the other. 

Sports! Whether you want to work off stress or just stay in great shape, you don’t have to be an NCAA Division-I athlete to play sports at ASU. In fact, club and intramural sports offer all students a chance to stay healthy and motivated to succeed (while having fun).

Maddie Hayes has been passionate about volunteering since she was a kid. Luckily both ASU and the W. P. Carey School of Business emphasize the importance of giving back to the community, offering every student ample opportunity to volunteer throughout the year.

There’s nothing quite like an ASU football game. The thunderous roar of fans, everyone decked out in gold, maroon, black, or white to show their support for our school. Rambunctious cheering for the Sun Devils as they charge onto the field. The sparkling fireworks, the smoke, and the energy.