Career development

There are plenty of reasons to pursue your Executive MBA, and plenty of reasons to choose the W. P. Carey EMBA in particular. But rather than wax on about the ways in which we rule the b‑school world — we’ll let our students do the talking. Here are ten reasons to choose the W. P. Carey Executive MBA, courtesy of our alumni.

Globalization continues to affect industries of all shapes and sizes. And while tax remained untouched for quite a while, the global financial crisis in 2008 and the start of multinational reform in 2013 sparked widespread change in the global tax environment. In its most recent issue of EY Tax Insights, Ernst & Young contemplates the future of the tax landscape: “Interconnected. That’s the word tax experts believe best sums up the future tax environment around the globe.”

Scottsdale-based Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has been making the famed Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars since the 1950s. But IT plays a major role in the day-to-day operations and its success as the world's leading guitar maker. Michael Spandau, Fender's CIO and senior vice president of global information technology, addressed students at the 2014 Association for Information Systems Student Chapter Leadership Conference and Competition at the W. P. Carey School recently.

A lot of students, Trevor Thompson included, enter college with little to no job experience. He discusses what it's like working on campus, and why W. P. Carey students can expect to gain should they follow suit.