Career development

Studying abroad offers distinct professional development opportunities to business students — particularly those who embrace the process, and dare to get lost along the way.
So the career fair is approaching and you’ve narrowed down the list of companies you’re planning on talking to. You’ve done your research. Now you need to practice what you will say when you approach the recruiters at the career fair! This is your opportunity to convince the employers you have the skills and knowledge they are looking for in a job and/or internship candidate.
At ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business, we understand that the return on your investment in a degree can't be measured on a spreadsheet alone. It's in the way your career progresses, the way you're prepared for the challenges ahead, and even in the example you set for your family.<

There are plenty of reasons to pursue your Executive MBA, and plenty of reasons to choose the W.&nbsp;P.&nbsp;Carey EMBA in particular. But rather than wax on about the ways in which we rule the b‑school world &mdash; we’ll let our students do the talking. Here are ten reasons to choose the W.&nbsp;P.&nbsp;Carey Executive MBA, courtesy of our alumni.