Career development

You've been considering going back to school for a graduate degree. It can help you advance your career, learn more, and earn more. But which degree is right for you and which school offers the best fit for your career, life, and goals? There are many reasons to pursue an information management degree, but here are five that really set the W. P. Carey MSIM apart.

Michael Spandau is Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President for Global Information Technology for Fender Musical Instruments and a member of the W. P. Carey School's Department of Information Systems Professional Advisory Board. KnowIT caught up with him after his thought-provoking presentation at the Arizona Chapter of the Society for Information Management.

Whether you are a student or an employer, the recruiting and hiring process has a single objective: find the right fit for both the new employee and the company. To find that sweet spot, ExxonMobil actively engages the Department of Information Systems and its students.

If you're one of the millions of workers left behind after layoffs, sweating over an inflated workload, fretting that you might be next, you already know how demoralizing a "reduction in force" (RIF) can be. If you're managing layoff survivors, you have even more reason to worry. RIFs can clobber morale, erode loyalty, stymie creativity and set your firm up for a migration of talent that could hobble you long after the economy revives. Experts at the W. P. Carey School say that now is the time to manage employee angst and solidify relationships so that once you survive this recession, you'll be able to thrive in the recovery ahead.