Career Resources

Just as many classes, events, and even happy hours are moving to virtual formats, W. P. Carey is transitioning to virtual career events this fall. The good news is that virtual recruiting has been around for years, and we have designed some great resources to ensure our students can be successful in that format!

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a toll across the country, we are all getting used to virtual ways of connecting. Interviewing is no different, and even as employers start to look at back-to-office plans, video interviews might be here to stay.

The novel coronavirus has caused a tidal wave of uncertainty over the job market in the last several months. Whether a student just graduated or has been in the workforce for years, the effects are being felt across the board. Sharon Irwin-Foulon, executive director of Career Management and Employer Engagement (CMEE) at the W. P. Carey School of Business, gave the community actionable tips during the last Alumni Relations Back to Class event.

After completing the MS-FIN, starting a lucrative career is certainly within reach. You’ll be qualified for many different roles in the financial industry, including corporate finance, risk management, management, financial planning, investment banking, consulting, or even real estate.

Prospective students considering a highly ranked W. P. Carey Master of Science in Finance (MS-FIN) from Arizona State University should know that it’s difficult to go from no work experience in the financial industry straight to investment banking solely with a degree. If you’d like to rebrand yourself as a future financial leader, the MS-FIN can help.