Community outreach

Information Systems Department Chair Raghu Santanam delivers his message.

The Department of Information Systems Club (DISC) offers their Secret Code of Business workshop for the second year in a row.

Middle schoolers learned an early lesson from W. P. Carey students recently: not only is technology critical in today’s market, it’s fun and for everyone. Students shared that message with 39 sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders from local schools at a workshop entitled The Secret Code of Business, held October 17.

Increasing the percentage of women in technology — including leadership positions — is one of the challenges schools and companies face today.

This spring Microsoft Technical Evangelist Randy Guthrie and a colleague helped the 900-odd students in Matthew McCarthy’s Computer Information Systems 105 class build apps and load them into the Windows 8 store. CIS 105 is designed to introduce first-year students to the basic information technology knowledge they will need no matter what major they choose. The Microsoft apps project definitely turned some heads, and those students are taking a closer look at the CIS major, but it gave all students something immediately valuable. On their resumes they can now say they developed and marketed an app: in other words, they started businesses.