The Economy

The Arizona economy is predicted to sustain stable, subtle growth over the next year under the Trump administration, according to our economists.

Dennis Hoffman, Lee McPheters, and Mark Stapp from ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business addressed all the big issues and provided the first look at the local and national economy in 2018 at the Annual Economic Luncheon.

For 10 years, guests at the annual Economic Outlook Luncheon, sponsored by the Economic Club of Phoenix, are challenged by research economist Lee McPheters to answer a set of questions about the background issues driving the Arizona economy. Here's your chance to do the same.

Arizona has finally recovered the 315,000 jobs lost in the Great Recession, but unfortunately the new jobs do not pay as much as the ones that are gone. The Phoenix Business Journal asked regional economist Lee McPheters why.

The Arizona Republic reports on an L. William Seidman Research Institute report concerning the impact of non-profits to the state's economy.