Last Tuesday was Equal Pay Day. Is this still an issue? What can I do as a woman to be sure I get paid equally?

An idea is just an idea, and if it's good, you're likely not the only one with it. So, in some cases, you can stop worrying and start building.

In “Why girls do better at school than boys,” The Economist shared a study this month that suggests female students are performing better in school than male counterparts; it also demonstrated presumably unconscious biases of teachers toward female students. We may not be able to change certain thoughts or tendencies, but we can work to be more aware of them and find ways to ensure they do not influence the decision-making process.

Sidnee Peck, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, provides words of wisdom for a questioning business owner.

Should you get a degree if I want to start a business? If you are exploring starting your own company, and you think that getting another degree will catapult you to success, think about these things.