What is business success? Profitability, right? But what if you have other aspirations for your business, such as promoting a social cause or helping the environment? Up to now, for-profit companies could not codify those non-financial objectives.

After you have received an application and the application fee from your tenants, you will want to process the application in a timely manner. I ask tenants to notify their employers and previous landlords to expect my call so that I can process the application as quickly as possible.

Much has been made of data analytics lately — arguably for good reason. These days we have access to more and more information and the tools that can help make sense of it. People are clamoring for big data — the bigger the better!

In part three of this series, we are looking at the elements that combine to create your brand’s personality. The elements of brand personality are considered intangible, and on the table of brand elements they are classified as feelings. The feeling elements are important because they work to explain why people buy brands for more than just their utility.

I have had all manner of tenants in the past, good and bad. With experience, I have developed a successful application process that helps me to find the best possible tenants. When a tenant wants to rent the property after the showing, then it's time for the application.