You don’t need to be a famous expert to understand the elements that make up your brand — what matters most is your inquisitiveness. It is your willingness to wonder and ask questions that enables you to gain understanding that you can use to build your brand’s value to your customers.

W. P. Carey entrepreneurship expert Sidnee Peck discusses job growth in the startup sector of the Arizona economy.

Entrepreneurs who do not sell on the Internet and therefore do not have a merchant account often ask me if they need a digital presence. The answer: a resounding yes! That's because customers and clients use the Internet the way people used the Yellow Pages a generation ago, only more so.

You already knew that decisions about where to locate your business involve factors such as size of space, type of space, common area expenses and rent. Now add to that the neighborhood characteristics, reputation and image that convey your identity and values -- co-branding the area with your business.

Your business is thriving, but to continue to grow, you need capital. Before you enter the market, you need to know what your company is worth. With headlines about outrageously valued start-up companies running side-by-side with stories on volatility in the public equity markets, this is a good time to discuss valuation.