What are the elements that make up your brand? Nancy Gray, a marketing instructor at the W. P, Carey School, explains how those elements contribute to the way your brand is perceived — and lived ­— by your customers.

I have had all manner of tenants in the past, good and bad. With experience, I have developed a successful application process that helps me to find the best possible tenants. After the successful first phone call, now it is time to schedule the showing.

One of the marketing questions most frequently asked by an entrepreneur or small business owner is, “Why do I need to worry about branding?” The answer is really quite simple: It is to gain more customers and keep them coming back, again and again.

In this edition of "Getting Started," Sidnee Peck explains the importance of acknowledging the things that you do and do not need in life.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s not what you think that matters, it’s what others think. In a sense, every day is “election day” for your business, because when customers buy or use your product or service it’s as if they were voting for you. So how do attract votes?