Five stars, one star or something in between? Ratings you give a restaurant are likely affected by where you grew up, when you visited the eatery, and how far away that establishment is. What’s more, others look at how much emotion you express when evaluating the helpfulness of your critique.

Before launching into a new academic year, we took time out this week to gather the faculty — 32 strong — for a group portrait. They are as excited as the students to get back to class! But before we leave summer behind, read about our capstone projects

Information Systems Department Chair Raghu Santanam delivers his message.

As the semester draws to a close, KnowIT salutes the students who have gone the extra mile to excel this year. As well, we congratulate Clinical Assistant Professor Kathleen Moser, who was honored by the university as the most outstanding student organization advisor of the year.

The compound annual growth rate for big data is expected to be 26.4 percent through 2018, creating governance challenges for organizations. But researchers from the Department of Information Systems have developed a reference model that can help companies create order around their predictive and embedded analytics.