Arizona has finally recovered the 315,000 jobs lost in the Great Recession, but unfortunately the new jobs do not pay as much as the ones that are gone. The Phoenix Business Journal asked regional economist Lee McPheters why.

New research by a team of information systems and supply chain experts from the W. P. Carey School of Business shows that adding business analytics to the supply chain toolbox can make the process of evaluating supply chains easier, faster and more targeted.

Experiential learning is more than just a concept in W. P. Carey’s Department of Information Systems.

What stops browsers from becoming buyers online? Product uncertainty could be the culprit. But, technology-enabled tools, such as collaborative forums or photos and other visualization media mitigate product uncertainty, according to research conducted by Kevin Hong, assistant professor of information systems. These tools also reduce profit-cutting returns, Hong’s research found.

Alan Simon says that three scenarios cover the objectives of most students who enroll in the Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM) program. Some hope to advance in their companies. Others are looking for something different from their current career path. Still others are looking for a jump start after a break from the workplace.