What’s good to know about students and faculty who are uncovering and teaching technological and analytical prowess? Here’s what to celebrate and understand.

Taking on leadership roles at conferencesst is one way to highlight and promote the academic quality of the department. In November, professors will co-chair the Informs Conference on Information Systems and Technology in downtown Phoenix.

Research Professor of Economics Lee McPheters deciphers the positive 2017 numbers and explains why he doesn't expect a negative effect on business in the future.

Professor Kevin Dooley leads a global research team that works with more than 100 of the world’s largest brands, providing science-based metrics and tools to help them better understand where their materials come from and influence the social and environmental impacts of their products.

A study by Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management Adegoke Oke and his co-authors shows organizations that implement technology for efficiency reasons perform better than those that adopt it for legitimacy reasons.