Trio of roommates are among the 39 ASU students tackling triple majors — for them, competition and value are their why

Target-maturity bond funds guarantee a certain amount will be accessible on the maturity date.

Professor of Finance Hendrik Bessembinder says the issues raised in his paper are more worrisome for institutional investors because of the long-term nature of their investment strategies.

When Aidan Schneider moved from Flagstaff to Tempe to attend Arizona State University, he knew he wanted to study both science and business. What he didn’t know is how quickly he would discover a deep passion for research and also find an entrepreneurial spirit in the lab.

Just 10 stocks are responsible for more than 16 percent of all the wealth ever created in the stock market, with Apple and ExxonMobil leading the way, according to research by Professor of Finance Hendrik Bessembinder.