Associate Professor of Finance Thomas Bates researches the rationale behind the rise in the value of corporate financial holdings.

Research by Hendrik Bessembinder, finance professor and Francis J. and Mary B. Labriola Endowed Chair in Competitive Business, found that returns from long-term stock investing are positively skewed, meaning that very large returns to a few stocks pull up the average, while most stocks post modest or negative returns.

An experimental model to find out whether a bond intervention program would stabilize markets and economies in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and Spain shows business lessons for U.S. companies.

Research by Professor of Finance Hendrik Bessembinder explains why investing in modish companies, known as FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google), are the preferred choice among investors.

A small number of stocks drive the returns of the market. Professor of Finance Hendrik Bessembinder's research explains why this means indexing makes sense.