Professor of Finance Hendrik Bessembinder's research examines the 30 greatest wealth creators in the stock market from 1926 through 2016 — and the fledgling retail giant is one of them.

Even if you luck out and pick a stock that outperforms the market, there is no certainty of success, or even survival, in the future, according to research by Hank Bessembinder, professor of finance at the W. P. Carey School of Business.

Clinical Associate Professor of Finance Geoffrey Smith crunches big data to find that downturns on Mondays have stopped since 1975.

In working paper, “Do Stocks Outperform Treasury Bills?” by Professor of Finance Hendrik Bessembinder, he found that individual stocks are a gamble. An extremely small percentage of them have done well, and when gains and losses are added up over their lifetimes, most stocks haven’t made any money.

Mergers and acquisitions create and destroy massive amounts of money, and are hugely important to the financial world. Associate Professor of Finance Ilona Babenko’s recent research supplies a missing piece of the complex merger jigsaw puzzle.