Information Systems

Heartfelt goodbyes said for Professor of Information Systems Robert St. Louis in Zoom retirement party.

The professor emeritus of information systems collected several teaching awards and accolades throughout his career. His research work has been published in leading academic journals, and the 14 edition of the textbook he co-authored is the best-selling accounting information systems textbook in the world.

As a young high school student, Assistant Professor Xiao Liu was inspired by a movie about a smart female hacker. That led her to a career in IS and then to W. P. Carey.

Assistant Professor of Information Systems Donghyuk Shin analyzes connections — as in, between two people — that form in social networks, such as in the 'people you may know' feature on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Assistant Professor of Information Systems Nina Huang and Associate Professor of Information Systems Yili (Kevin) Hong along with scholars at two other universities explore the benefits of the gig economy and effects it has on employment.