Information Systems

If you automatically check email, scroll through Facebook, or open an app even though you just closed it, you may have an over-reliance on your device.

If Senate Bill 1091 passes in the Valley of the Sun, it would put the state on the leading edge of the innovative technology. Critics believe it's too soon to use the new type of currency.

Whether it comes in the form of product reviews, gardening tips, or shared recipes, content provided by other users online is invaluable. Assistant Professor of Information Systems Kevin Hong and Professor of Information Systems Bin Gu share how companies can tap into the potential of the information customers post.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, known as the United States’ largest philanthropy focused solely on health, recently awarded a $120,024 grant to information systems professors.

Simply getting a degree may not be enough in today’s job market. Graduates need a resume that stands out from the crowd. Clinical Assistant Professor Altaf Ahmad explains the importance of integrating information systems into your education.