IT-Enabled Services and Process Innovations

Don't want to miss class? A rolling stand that holds a tablet will allow Professional Flex MBA students to attend classes remotely.

With Google testing its self-driving cars on Phoenix streets, reporter Ryan Randazzo interviewed Professor of Information Systems Robert St Louis about the impact of the new technology.

Need a temp worker? Consider online labor markets, where you auction off your work to eager freelancers. If you go that route, make sure people can see each other’s bids via the open-bid option. It will bring you fewer people but a better deal in the long run.

Dan Hesse was named CEO of Sprint since December 2007. A recognized leader in the mobile technology sector, Hesse recently added the lifetime achievement award from Corporate Responsibility Magazine to his list of accolades. On March 18, 2014, Hesse briefed members of the Economic Club of Phoenix on the advances in wireless technology that are launching the Internet of things.

Just when we thought we were getting a handle on BYOD, along comes another acronym - BYOS. There’s some confusion on what the newer acronym stands for, however. Patrick White wrote in Wired that it’s “Bring Your Own Software.” But just recently, Rachel Delacour blogged on Information Management that it means “Bring Your Own Services,” and that this service disruption will complement BYOD. Employees bringing their own apps to work? Yep – and just in time for BYOS to meet Big Data.