Award-winning research and top-notch faculty is just the tip of the iceberg. These benefits, coupled with good placement rates, and a high-ranking department, are producing exemplary PhD students. Learn more about the doctorate program, 

Alum Lindsey Perry, who lends her expertise to the Department of Information System’s Executive Advisory Board, shares what made her uncomfortable as a student — and successful as an IS executive, wife, and mom.

Associate Professor of Information Systems John (Zhongju) Zhang recently correlated that taking part in virtual networks corresponds to both voluntary quits and internal promotions, and the way an employee participates foreshadows which of these results is more likely to happen.

Alum Brandon Arino shares his ride through school at W. P. Carey and what he gave up to hold out for his perfect job.

Research by Professor of Information Systems Sang-Pil Han provides a model for mobile application analytics that helps media buyers know how much and where to spend for optimal ad return on investment.