Like many W. P. Carey students, David Dunton and Raed Hamzeh have extremely different backgrounds — one is from Phoenix, Arizona, and the other comes from Lebanon — yet they both arrived at similar destinations academically, professionally, and personally.

W. P. Carey computer information systems students are teaming up with the country’s largest port terminal operator to solve real-world issues in shipping and transportation. Tianbing Qian, the senior vice president and chief information officer at Ports America, shares what he learned from 30 years working on his education before he joined the workforce.

Whether it was coaching kids on the basketball team, tutoring classmates, or being a friendly face to a new first-year student, helping others comes naturally to this triple major, new alumnus.

New research by Assistant Professor of Information Systems Yili Hong and his co-authors found certain interventions influence an individual to contribute an online review.

As the second half of school continues, movers and shakers in IT are bringing home prominent awards, and there are many exciting opportunities to grow and excel.