Martin Luther King Jr. was many things: minister, activist, civil rights leader, speaker extraordinaire, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. But few would see him as a great model for business leaders.

We caught up with Neeraj Madan (MS-BA '15) to talk about the W. P. Carey Alumni Council, his involvement in and outside of Arizona, and the mutual benefits of alumni-school engagement. For this Dallas-based W. P. Carey Sun Devil, “it’s a proud feeling to be a part of the world’s largest and strongest alumni community.”

According to Greg Vogel (BS Real Estate '85), ASU and W. P. Carey meant everything to the early knowledge that led him to build his enterprise — one the day he graduated, and another just two years later. We caught up with him to discuss his civic involvement, business success, and everything in between.

Should CEOs align their leadership style to match the firm’s culture? While that may seem like a commonsense, logical approach, a new study from Angelo Kinicki indicates that embodying a leadership style that contrasts with the organizational culture may result in higher financial performance.

Some leaders appear to get things done effortlessly where others struggle to make progress. Often the secret is the strong relationships the leader has built. Many leaders make this look easy, but great relationships and effective stakeholder engagement is the product of focused and sustained effort.