Gratitude has an application that goes far beyond thanking someone for what they've done. Implementing gratitude in your life can make it all that much more satisfying.

Do you feel as though someone you know needs to be coached? Angelo Kinicki has some words of advice that may make you think twice.

What personality traits make for a better boss, assertiveness or humility? A team of researchers from ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business discovered that humble bosses perform best. “These kinds of leaders are more likely to empower others, to trust others, and to work well with others,” said Management Professor Angelo Kinicki. In other words, a humble boss is more likely to help people feel good and collaborate more, boosting productivity.

Most of us pride ourselves on having the ability to identify a good boss. It is easy because most of us have experienced a bad boss and just hope for the opposite qualities. But what about being a good follower? Do you know what it takes to be a good employee?

Identifying and developing your successor should be a key strategic priority for anyone hoping to be promoted in the next six months to two years.