Management and Entrepreneurship

It's the 20th anniversary of the report by the Institute of Medicine that uncovered up to 100,000 people were dying annually from preventable medical errors. Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Margaret Luciano explains why it's still more dangerous two decades later to get a medical procedure than to go sky diving.

New research found that employees who do their job virtually often experience virtuality as 'a barrier' to forming friendships with their colleagues.

New research by Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship David Welsh shows expectations of behavior drive many inequalities between males and females.

Don Lange, Lincoln Professor of Management Ethics, studies corporate social responsibility, organizational reputation, and managerial ethics. He weighs in on the controversial Business Roundtable statement.

Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Christopher Neck and his co-authors outline how observing and using social cognitive tools like self-talk, mental imagery, and being aware of one’s beliefs and assumptions creates a positive mindset for health care professionals to prosper in their roles.