Management and Entrepreneurship

New research by Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Jennifer Nahrgang and her colleagues found numerous ways in which full-time workers can best craft and choose a side hustle, build it up, and balance it with full-time work and other demands.

The workplace can be a complicated setting when it comes to manager-employee relationships. Things sometimes can get downright territorial, especially when a supervisor suspects one of their team is about ready to jump ship.

It's the 20th anniversary of the report by the Institute of Medicine that uncovered up to 100,000 people were dying annually from preventable medical errors. Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Margaret Luciano explains why it's still more dangerous two decades later to get a medical procedure than to go sky diving.

New research found that employees who do their job virtually often experience virtuality as 'a barrier' to forming friendships with their colleagues.

New research by Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship David Welsh shows expectations of behavior drive many inequalities between males and females.