Management and Entrepreneurship

Don Lange, Lincoln Professor of Management Ethics, studies corporate social responsibility, organizational reputation, and managerial ethics. He weighs in on the controversial Business Roundtable statement.

Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Christopher Neck and his co-authors outline how observing and using social cognitive tools like self-talk, mental imagery, and being aware of one’s beliefs and assumptions creates a positive mindset for health care professionals to prosper in their roles.

Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Margaret Luciano and her co-authors suggest four approaches to help health care leaders adopt the best practices in making decisions about patient care.

Cheesecake Factory Inc. purchased Phoenix-based Fox Restaurant Concepts. Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Heewon Chae chimes in on what that means for the creative culinary community.

New research shows that as long as your work is aligned with the company's strategy, you'll be less stressed and more inspired.