Do you believe in your new employer? If not, maybe it’s the lack of a pleasing environment. Assistant Professor of Management Michael Baer delved into how the physical surroundings of an organization influence employee confidence.

Research by Assistant Professor Michael Baer reveals complaining about your boss might seem harmless, but the company that you keep may have a detrimental effect.

Family firms do business differently, and Regents Professor of Management Luis R. Gomez-Mejia has made it a priority to understand how. In a comprehensive study of research on family firms throughout the world, Gomez-Mejia and colleagues have found that family firms with dominant levels of ownership control tend to make business decisions that preserve their socioemotional wealth — even at the expense of financial gain.

More and more companies are making way for a power-sharing compromise between the CEO and chairman of the board.

Professor of Management Peter Hom looks at the past 100 years of employee loss and replacement in the workplace.